My Virgin Post

Yes, I succumbed to creating my own blog, mostly due to peer pressure from a certain well-loved friend with an evidently large amount of time on her hands that she wants me to help her fill. So, unnamed friend, let it be remembered that the soon to be ego trip was started because of you.

As for the purpose of the blog, well, there is none. Like all blogs! However, I feel the name is delightfully clever, and the domain sounds like a dirty word which I soon intend on verbing, so I am satisfied. I also intend on convincing more and more of my friends to the blogosphere,  much like the spread of international communism. Neighbours are no longer safe from the threat of my irreverent musings!  Although, I suppose they can just ignore me, like everyone already does.

That’s all for now.


~ by Andrew on March 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “My Virgin Post”

  1. i feel left out. but that’s ok.

  2. I’m loving the blog. I look forward to finding out what exists in your head, asides the instinct to make confused faces from across the room due to the randomness of rehearsals. (Oh yeah… It’s Claire.)

  3. The Engineering Undergraduate Society will be filing a copyright violation suit agianst you for your use of one of our section’s headings in the Plumber’s Faucet. We take our intellectual property very seriously and will see you in court!

  4. Hey, it’s nice leaving a comment on a blog that’s not about soccer or Latin American politics for once.

  5. […] My Virgin Post- in which I determine that the purpose of the blog is none! Fitting in this vein of completely pointless discussion, I chronicle my first experience with Post-Irony. That particular bout of post irony was prompted by my trenchcoat, which was also the genesis of my missed connection, which you can read all about. […]

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