Happy Atheist Pride day!

I hope y’all have a happy atheist pride day! In solidarity with my heathen buddies, I’ll post the scarlet letter:

Atheist Pride

Atheist Pride

Those atheists aren’t all bad, and they need love too! So, I recommend to my four regular readers, please hug the first atheist you see! They’re not all militant.


~ by Andrew on March 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Happy Atheist Pride day!”

  1. But Andrew… I’m pretty sure I’m the only atheist in L’viv…
    I guess it’s ‘hug-myself’ day (like every other day!).

  2. Well, I’ll telegraph the hug across the world for you!

  3. HUGS!!! I’m more of a soft-atheist/hard-agnostic/WTF myself, but I enjoy this day with pride all the same!

  4. […] that I write lots and lots in defense of gay rights, and this is just a natural extension of my Humanist stance on life. For the record, though, not that it matters, I’m not gay, and my girlfriend Amy-Jean can […]

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