On the New Facebook

I really get a kick out of how outraged everyone is getting about the new facebook. I suppose it’s the zeitgeist, that facebook has become so integrated into our social lives that any minute perturbation generates huge waves of outrage. So facebook has changed, maybe even for the worse… so what?

I’d like to put on the captain obvious cape for a moment, but we’ve survived multiple changes that everybody has groaned and moaned about. Off the top of my head: The news feed, which was supposedly a massive invasion of our privacy, and then opening up facebook to the population at large. The site started as an exclusive college/university networking place, where you absolutely needed to have a university email to sign up. Now it’s for everyone, and I’m happy about it. I couldn’t add any of my non-university friends or my family without those changes.

Mark Zuckerberg is running a business, and we are consumers. It is completely within facebook’s rights to screw around with their property, especially if they think it will offer them a competitive advantage in the social networking field. We’ve all noted the resemblance to twitter (of which I am rather ambivalent), and considering that is where all the buzz is, it’s only natural that Facebook respond to the ‘ADD’ mentality by coming out with a more ‘in your face’ homepage and format. Like it or not, this is the direction that facebook has chosen to go, and the only question that is important is whether we can overcome our stubborn resistance to change and accept this thing. I guarantee that in a few months, the added features and look will be something we don’t even think about. Hell, I find some of the features, such as a dedicated link that you can post really useful, and even elegant.

And really, if your conservative mentality will actually cause you to abandon ship, nobody is stopping you. I will even reccommend an alternative social networking site with even more privacy setting. It’s called orkut, and it’s google’s alternative. It looks like the old.. OLD facebook, so you reactionaries will feel at home. While you’re there, look me up!


~ by Andrew on March 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “On the New Facebook”

  1. I couldn’t agree more… people just don’t do well with change. I hear the same complaints every time they impose a major change, which of course they are completely entitled to do. Yes, of course there are some stylistic kinks they can work out in the new version, but honestly, it’s just another change that we’ll all get over in a few weeks.

  2. facebook is to solace as work is to conformity

  3. […] is changing again. Not right away, but in a month or so. I just want to say that, last time this happened, we made a big fuss and it was all over […]

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