Late night scribblings

So, I happen to keep a journal by my bed (in case of emergencies, you see) and I woke up today with a very messy hodgepodge of words. I think it made sense at the time, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll share, for no reason in particular, the depths of my subconscious.

3:17 AM

My love for you is in the dirty dishes,
Soaking, a promise

It's the sound of the old door closing behind your routine.

It's the passing of our mutual silence into eternity
ticking, ticking away our lives.

It's you brushing your teeth,
At 3:17 AM

It's the unconditional phone call,
The late night rap on your door.

The fabric of our kinship


~ by Andrew on March 28, 2009.

One Response to “Late night scribblings”

  1. Whoa! I just saw this now. You are much more than just the funny, rhyming dork poems. (Not to say that I don’t enjoy your dork poetry.) This gave me the (good) shivers.

    I like the way your brain works. Share more?

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