Bureaucracy is my life

I think it makes me a tad masochistic, but I really do love bureaucracy. It is the gears that turn behind the facade of every organization. I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of great bureaucracies (and here I refer to all my droobs in student politics), and hair pulling ones- read, McGill.  I was awarded councilor of the year by the EUS yesterday (which I am ecstatic about, for the record), so I thought I’d commemorate the occasion by sharing a little sonnet I cooked up during a meeting:

The Red Tape I find at McGill
A blessing of beastly proportions
The forms that I constantly fill
Force my body through joyful contortions.

Sweet Minerva, I love like a palace
Her twists and dead ends are my soul.
The bugs leave no traces of malice,
My time with her is my one goal.

I crave the slow progress online,
My blood flows like its glacial progress.
I age with it like a fine wine,
Though it leaves my timesheets in a mess.

To cut her out; an impossible feat,
For without her, my Life's incomplete

For any who are concerned about my sanity at this point- Don’t worry. I lost my mind ages ago.


~ by Andrew on April 2, 2009.

One Response to “Bureaucracy is my life”

  1. Congratulations :p

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