Hipster Olympics

The first rule about hipster: you are not a hipster. With that doublethink firmly in mind, a friend of mine passed this particular piece my way, and I must say, it was quite amusing (at least in an ironic sense)*. Chances are you know someone like this, or even are like this yourself. If so, you will find it just the right amount of absurd:

Being the unapologetic nerd that I am, I was immediately reminded of a similar sketch that had been done a couple of decades before hand. Since cult-like knowledge about Monty Python seems to be on the way out, I feel compelled to share this gem as well:

Speaking of MPFC, did you hear that they recently increased their dvd sales 3000%? By releasing all of their stuff for free online! Only the kings of absurdist humour would be able to pull this ridiculousness off.

*Any resemblence to  hipsters, either living, dead or fictional, is purely coincidental.


~ by Andrew on May 1, 2009.

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