Behold, a Nerd

I’m often embarrassed at the sort of stuff I create when I’m not paying attention. However, my extremely short attention coupled with odd interests and a penchant for rhyming couplets occasionally produces something valuable. This is not one of those instances. Read at your own peril, you may get infected with the Nerd simply by reading this.

Young Love

I ask myself where I would be,
Without my TI-83.
The joy felt when I turned it on
was my happy scholastic dawn.

Its sleekness and its simple form,
kept my young soul markedly warm.
The graphing screen, my oldest friend.
Without it, pre-calc spelled the end.

To watch her trace Arc-Cosine(x)
put me into a nerdy hex.
Her stark display of asymtotes,
stays with me more than all my notes.

When I was done the number set,
I met her silly alphabet!
Making games with novel words;
The past time of the clever nerds.

A few of us, from what I know,
Put on her, Super Mario.
Those calculators filled in me,
Unquestionable Jealousy.

When calc came round my poor ol' head,
Our partnership was nearly dead.
The teachers, acting cruelly,
took my first love away from me!

They said "Maths done well in your brain",
so they left her out in the rain.
I conquered calc without her grace,
longing all the while for her embrace.

T'was done, day one of post-secondary
I found new love, feeling sad and wary.
And into life, now I go,
with my simple Casio.
My First Love

My First Love

I warned you, didn’t I?


~ by Andrew on May 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Behold, a Nerd”

  1. […] creative ways. Just think of George Lucas, J.R.R. Tolkien or Douglas Adams. In his Case Study Behold, a nerd, Andrew K gives us a perfect example a The NERD infection seeking creative outlets, in this case in […]

  2. You are such a nerdy nerdy nerd nerd. And you have been embraced by your fellow nerds on the internet. And you wear linen pants. These facts all lead to your awesomeness.

  3. You asked where oh where would you be
    Without your great TI-83…
    You’d be smarter, it’s true,
    And sexier too,
    For you’d then be a math whiz like me!!

  4. Oh…Prose Encounters of the Nerd Kind

  5. […] “noticed” by people outside of my immediate friend-o-sphere with a post I made about my TI-83 Calculator, which I wrote originally for the Plumbers Faucet- inarguably the best and funniest campus paper, […]

  6. Young love..It was a good reading 🙂

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