So THIS is what a wasted life looks like

I’m not one to usually make value judgements on how other people make a living. But sometimes, you just come across the type of unabashed douchebaggery that leaves you at a loss for words. One Mr “Bobby Bad Fingers” is such a case.

We finally have an answer to the question nobody asked: What happens when you take G.O.B.’s theatrical style, combine it with a pedo-stache, sunglasses, 1970’s costuming, freakishly devoted fans in unfortunately coordinated costumes, and worst of all, an utterly useless and unmarketable skill…. set to MUSIC, no less.

Ladies and gentlemen, you get THIS:

But at least he has the Guinness record for ‘most number of snaps in a second’. Pardon me whilst I weep for humanity.

Thanks to Cracked for exposing me to this garbage!


~ by Andrew on May 3, 2009.

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