Liveblogging Stevie (The Experiment)

So, my old phone died.. for the few of you that have been trying to get in touch with me, you know how damned annoying my old phone was. At any rate, I got a new iPhone, and as an engineer, I abhor having a tool that I don’t use.  That’s my justification for liveblogging Stevie. So, without further hesitation, here is my original post :

9:07 We’ve been pushing our way to the front. There are thousands of people, and we’ve been shoulder to shoulder for an hour! Stevie in twenty!

9:30 Here he comes! We’re only minutes away!

9:40 still waiting, sound check is over

9:45 I make the first of many blind jokes. No stevie with(in) sight.

9:58 Stevie at last! Starts with a prayer, then dedicates concert to MJ (9:59)

10:00 music

10:17 first MJ song. SO PERFECT!

10:25 Woman in front of us faints! Incredibly quick response for paramedics. Stevie plays the beatles

10:42 More MJ, and It’s raining again, during MJ. How poetic!

11:38 Got distracted by awesomeness. Twenty min on Autumn Leaves. Lovely!

12:20 Plays Superstition to end it all. I’m very impressed.

12:30 After it’s over, Stevie plays some MJ. It starts to rain again

12:45 Fireworks to Music! Utterly magical!

Update: Here are my photos I took from the event

Stevie Wonder in Montreal!

~ by Andrew on June 30, 2009.

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