From the Other Side of the Ocean

Ok. I’m slightly inspired to finally, finally update my blog. So, my idea is to relate the trivial mundanities of my trip in Europe, to preserve in some form my clichéd trip to Europe, for, posterity or something. Whatever. Anyway, what will follow in this series of posts is just that: in the form of letters or stream of consciousness or whatever, edited for spelling and such. I hope you enjoy!

From London

July 20th, 2009. Trafaglar Square

1:00 Currently I’m siting on Nelson column in Trafalgar square, and thought it would be lovely to write to my favorite Brit. This city is absolutely incredible, the mix of tourists and business types is amazing, especially with the multitude of foreign accents swirling around. I love this square, the tourist buses, the cars in gridlock, the traffic circles… Ahhh, how urban. This is by far the biggestcity I’ve been in, and I’m at the hub of it all! This morning, after nearly missing breakfast, I went down to Tower Bridge and London Tower. Hey were like I imagined them to be: crawling with tourists! Could be worse, and it’s not like I can talk.

From London

Still, after the bridge,I took a detour into the wharf district, and it was blessedly quiet. I waaas going to do Westminster Abby, what with Issac Newtons crypt and all, but twenty four Canadian dollars is too steep for me to just see where some dead guy is buried. Now, I think the national gallery is in line, as that is, I think, free!! Hope work has been treating you well.

From London

5:00 You’ll be happy to know, that instead of writing you a big, long email at the end of the day, I am writing a big, long email to you in bits and pieces all day. At the National gallery, I laughed out loud at cardinals hat, due to Monty python. I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition! Besides that, the national gallery was incredibly interesting. I rather referred the Tate, mostly because the art from the “classics” right up through till the 19 th century is dominated by religious iconography. I remember in particular one painting which was done as a private devotional, which focused in gruesome detail on the wounds in J.C.’s forehead. Very, Passion of the Christ. Regardless, they had a special on Monet, and Impressionism is my favorite. It was also quite amazing to see Van Gogh original sunflowers. In other news, I just got my ticket London Paris, for the 22nd in the morning!
Here. We. Go!! I am bummed that I can’t stay here longer, but I’m going to shove as much England as possible. Still to do? Either fish and chips or bangers and mash at a brit pub, and buggar the costs… Haha, I wish. Right right now I’m in Piccadilly square, people watching and regretting my inability to see Waiting for Godot. Completely sold out for the rest of the run, including the rush seats:(:( but such is life. Tomorrow, I’m coming down early (just to be sure I am not missing a chance) and then I’ll probably do the
British museum, or national portrait gallery, and Hyde park. That’s all for now, je pence. I’ll write some more later (whenever that is)

From London

Oh, and like, here are the photos I took there:


Trafaglar Square


~ by Andrew on September 20, 2009.

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