The British Museum!

July 21st 10:00

I am really quite pleased I have a you to write to, because it has been giving me a reason to reflect, and more importantly, write down how I’m feeling about the trip as it happens to me. So often at the end of the day I’ve already forgotten what has happened to me, and it’s lost to the currents of time. But I digress, today has not happened yet. Currently I am sitting on the tube, bound for the British museum, it’s unbelievably exciting. I’ve been told I can’t do the museum in a day, but I intend on proving THEM wrong. You’ll see, you’ll ALL see!!! <deranged laughter> …

Mind the Gap

July 21, 1:00 PM

In the parthenon room of the British museum. I’m very conflicted about this room, because it represents everything I love and hate about the world. On one hand, we have this unparalleled celebration of life and culture as epitomized by the Greeks, but then we have the cultural elitism that says, because we know better, that gives us a right to take whatever we want. Oh, and then there is the defacement of these priceless antiquities in the name of war and religion. Bastards, the lot of them I hope very much that the ridiculous garb of the pope, and all the great cathedrals are someday taken and placed in a museum, relics of an archaic and misunderstood culture. Like the Egyptians. Their dynasties lasted thousands of years, and now all they have left is stolen statues of their dead kings in foreign lands. I feel so guilty, but so appreciative too, because if this asshole hadn’t pillaged, it would have gotten vandalized in the name of some bullshit idology or other, and lost to the world, which is what happened to the stuff he didn’t take. It’s a very confusinging emotion.


And of course, it rains

It is nice, after all of these years of history, to be reminded of the fact that people living thousands of years ago. I found a massive Babylonian gate, that had remained in that state for many millenia. On the side, by the huge carved lion head, there was a game grafitti’d on the stone, where Joe and his guard buddy would waste the ruler of the Earth’s time. It’s good to know slacking off is, as far as we can tell, universal. But I gotta go get through another 3000 years or so of history. I’ll write later! for the rules...

6:30: Camden town veggie bar.Wow, wow, wow. That was an absurdly amazing experience. By the fourth hour, I was getting bored with the prevalent pottery prominently peppering places, but after I rounded off European history (after Sumerian, Egyptian and Mesopotamian, not to mention Greek and Roman) I came across a delightful exhibit involving medals of infamy. It made me quite happy to see a satirical medal made by some prominent Brit decrying the revolution. If you lose the propaganda words they smear the French with, I find myself liking the French more and more, especially if they piss off the curmudgenly Brits.


Screw those Frogs

So, after the museum, i came to this fantastic little spot overlooking the camden docks. You’d love it. 100% veggie, everyone working behind the counter looks distinctly counterculture, and I got the cheapest and most delicious curry (for like 5 CAD). Needless to say, it had free wifi, so I think I will be spending a couple of hours here, nursing some tea and generally being extremely happy with life. All tea and espresso is, naturally 100% organic fair trade. It feels sooo good to be sitting down, but even better to know that you’ll be reading this in only a couple of hours. I love London, and there is so much I still could see, but it’s looking like I’ll have to save all that for another trip, because I leave tomorrow for Paris!


I’ll probably have more to write later, but I think this is all for now




~ by Andrew on December 1, 2009.

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  1. Ah, to travel vicariously c:

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