… I’m still here

It’s been pretty slim on the content from myself recently, mostly because of the same old reasons. Three exams down, and one to go, and I’m getting a bit antsy to get out of here. I was visiting Amy-Jean (that’s the girlfriend, for the uninitiated) earlier this week, then I took a couple of exams. They all went pretty ok, I suppose. About what I was expecting really.

Flash to today, I still have one damn exam left on Monday. Nolan and Amy are gone from the apartment for good, which sort of puts me in sour spirits. If you two ever read this, I loved living with you, and I’ll miss you muchly. Santiago peaces out of here in mere hours, but luckily he’s coming back in January. If you read this, I love living with you too!

So that leaves me, all by my lonesome in this huge apartment. But I have coffee, and my iPod playing Christmas music nonstop (Diana Krall at the moment, if you were interested) and that’s holding off the seasonal affective disorder. Maybe I’m just not wanting to study for my last exam.

Anyway, that’s a vanity post for you, We will return to your regularly scheduled blogging after the exam hiatus, I promise!


~ by Andrew on December 19, 2009.

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