The Prorogue Strikes Back

Is anyone really surprised at this point that Stephen Harper and his cronies are suspending our democracy yet again? It’s bad enough that these crooks suspended our government when his job was on the line, but now he has no justifiable reason to do so. He’s claiming that it is to avoid conflicts when he is hosting the olympics, but I suspect the real reasons have to do with consolidating power in the senate. See, he has five appointees coming up, (giving him a comfortable majority) but most of the committees are liberal. By proroguing parliament, he’ll be able to re consolidate these positions, allowing him to rubberstamp through both houses.

Furthermore, the lack of public discourse at a time where it is becoming increasingly clear that his government is complicit in torture. This ‘once-in-a-century’  proroguing thing should not be a tool to avoid facing the music. Combine that with the heavy-handed response to that Copenhagen Spoof (not even mentioning our ‘fossil-of-the-year’ status), and the economy, of course, and we have no justifiable reason to stop talking.

This farce is inexcusable, and Stephen Harper is showing a terrible disregard for Canada and its institutions.


~ by Andrew on December 30, 2009.

One Response to “The Prorogue Strikes Back”

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