It’s the Naughties, ok!

So, we’ve gone ten years without deciding on what the hell we are calling the decade. I just heard a newscaster call it ‘the zeroes’. Other names I’ve heard bandied around are the ‘augties, the millineals, the ‘two-thousands’, and the Oh’s (as in “oh-eight for 2008). I’m making a completely arbitrary and pointless decision here, and going for the ‘naughties’. Why? I’d love to refer to the best years of my life as the naughties, and it makes me snigger in a good way.

That is all.


~ by Andrew on December 31, 2009.

One Response to “It’s the Naughties, ok!”

  1. My friends told me I was ridiculous and that I made up calling it “the naughties” and that it’s supposed to be the “aughties”. Why can’t they understand?

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