Damn you, Twilight…

Those anti-woman bastards have snuffed Star Trek at the Peoples Choice Awards. It really irks me when a movie that has its roots in an ideal vision for the betterment of humanity and an optimistic future (not to mention the badassery of Kirk), gets beaten by f*ing mysogonystic sparkly vampires.

Dear Twilight, my thoughts on you are well developed, but now, you’ve gone and made it personal. Nobody messes with Kirk, except maybe…

Now I’ve gone from a dispassionate interest into active hatred. On that note, here is a list of 20 unfortunate Lessons that Girls Learn from Twilight (HT Wired). Stealing an award from Zoe Saldana, especially after her great work in Avatar, is borderline criminal. Screw you, Twits.


~ by Andrew on January 7, 2010.

One Response to “Damn you, Twilight…”

  1. That stupid book/movie series is the proof that we’re getting more and more stupid as a culture. This is our future!

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