The Echo Chamber Expands

… and by Boyle’s law becomes even less credible. For those of you who haven’t heard, Sarah Palin has become a Fox News Pundit. When it became clear to the majority of Americans that Sarah Palin was clearly insane and obviously unfit to lead the country, she pulled a maverick move and dropped out of politics. She had a ghost-written book come out, and spent the last couple of months pissing off everybody by just being herself.


Now, the Propaganda Wing of the Republican Party (Fair and Balanced, indeed) has decided to take her on as a pundit. She’ll have that soap box, ala Glenn Beck to preach to the ignorant, populist . All I can hope for is that this precludes her from running for the 2012 ticket, but I know that this Maverick will find a way to disappoint me.

I Love you, @rstevens


~ by Andrew on January 12, 2010.

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