Screwed in MA

Well, the democrats have done it. They found a way to put someone into one of the most liberal states in the union that was utterly unelectable. The senate seat, held for a half century by Ted Kennedy (the famously dependable liberal vote), and now probably the neutered healthcare bill as well, have fallen to THIS GUY:

No, Seriously, this guy's naked ass has Ted Kennedy's seat now.

Still think there's a benevolent deity?

No, Seriously. Martha Coakly made so many concurrent ‘gaffes‘ including identifying a celebrated Red Socks pitcher as a Yankee’s fan, invoking 9/11 to smear her opponent, oh, and misspelling the State’s name on her OFFICIAL WEBSITE. OBAMA, or, in the style of ancient Hebrew, BM, even parachuted himself into the state, (not literally, although that would have been awesome) to campaign, effectively smearing the shit of this horror all over the national party.

Now the senate, and most particularly Ted Kennedy’s Health Care Bill (you know, his legacy project that he wanted to define his late career by), is probably going to fail, because the democrats are chronically addicted to ‘bi-partisanship’, despite the lack of cooperation from the other half of the house. Or maybe BM is addicted to dithering and fail on a scale only comparable with the late career of Paul Martin.

This tragedy is worthy of the Greeks, but even Oedepus kept it in the family. This is seriously sadistic shit.

Palin/Beck 2012!


~ by Andrew on January 20, 2010.

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