Back to Work?

Today’s the day where our Parliament would have gone to work after the winter break. That is, until the resident Prime Ministerial five-year-old decided to take his ball and go home.  To the credit of both the Liberals and NDP, their MPs are on the hill proposing legislation to limit the dictator Prime Minster’s power to lock the doors. I applaud the effort, especially after the nation-wide grassroots protests, so it seems like at least some of our democratically elected members respect the people that give them their mandates. Harper, however couldn’t care less about being accountable to the Canadian people.

On top of torture allegations, and the economy, or even senatorial reform, we have had the disaster in Haiti. Jack Layton (@jacklayton on twitter) would have had experts to advise our Government on how Canadians could contribute to their long-term development. I’m a soon-to-be Civil Engineer, this stuff is my bread and butter, and timing is of the essence, especially when we are dealing with a problem that is as massive in scope as this one is. Instead, we are left with a deafening silence.

Rick Mercer said it best in his piece in the Globe and Mail

It is too bad that prorogation isn’t something that our soldiers had in their arsenal. When faced with the order to head out on a foot patrol in the Panjwai district of southern Afghanistan, to risk their lives to bring democracy to that place, wouldn’t it be nice if they could simply prorogue and roll over and go back to sleep? Soldiers don’t get that luxury. That is afforded only to the people who ultimately order them to walk down those dangerous dusty roads in the first place.

Dear Stephen Harper and the Conservatives: I miss my democratically elected parliament, even with you and your odious cronies in charge. Please stop this shameful, childish display and do the f*cking job we’re paying you for.

Sincerely, A Concerned Canadian Citizen


~ by Andrew on January 25, 2010.

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