Questions, Anyone?

Barack Obama has the biggest balls in North America, really.

The man, in the midst of crisis on all sides, waltzes into the caucus of the sitting house Republicans and fields questions from all sides, unscripted, for a full 90 minutes. Nobody with half a brain can possibly claim that Obama ignores Republican concerns, as his full responses are right there. This didn’t stop the propaganda fiends from fox literally cutting away from the Republican’s front lines so that they could bash him for being so damn eloquent. The republicans, after having every single one of their thrown talking points bounce harmlessly off of Super-Obama, are now considering the televised debate a mistake.

You can’t fight with a bogey-man when it is plain and obvious that the bogey-man is a fiction of your own creation. Barack Obama is inconsiderate enough to stand up to the worst criticism  of his opponents, and he destroys them all while gaining political cred.

MSNBC covers the whole thing

You contrast this with the way that King Harper is facing his worst criticisms, by, you know, NUKING DEMOCRACY, and the difference between power-obsessed, kitten-abusing dictator and a real leader becomes all the clearer. You shame your riding, you shame your party, you shame our country, and you shame democracy itself by stifling debate with your proroguing, Mr Harper. Take a cue from someone with an ounce of courage and honor and face your criticisms, even if you don’t like what you will hear, or you will go down in history as a cowardly and maniacally egotistical failure.

Help, Harper Hungry!

Kitten does not like being a tool for this tool.


~ by Andrew on January 30, 2010.

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