The Stupid is Powerful

The left-wing blog Daily Kos has released a new poll that asks self-identified Republicans from all through the United States just what they believe.  The results show the base has a very tenuous grasp of reality, to be generous. In fact, if these numbers are right, they could have quite dire consequences indeed. I’ll be going through the numbers in a little bit.

Let’s play a little game, assuming for the moment that this poll was conducted scientifically (and there are many indications that this is the case) and that it is indeed representative of the de facto Republican base. How many Americans would these abstract numbers actually represent, and what proportion of America at large would this be?

  • Was Barack Obama born in the United States? 36% say no, which is 20 million Republicans, and 51 million Americans at large.
  • Is Sarah Palin more qualified to be President than Barack Obama? 53% say yes, which is 30 million people, and 76 million Americans at large
  • Should same sex couples be allowed to marry? 77% say no, 44 million Repubs, and 110 million Americans.
  • Should gay people be allowed to teach in public school? 73% disagree, 41 million Repubs and 105 million Americans.
  • Should public school students get taught the Genesis story as the explination for the creation of the world? 77% agree
  • Is the pill abortion, and is abortion murder? 34%, and 76% respectively. So this means that about 37 million Americans believe that the pill is muder.
  • Will you suffer for eternity if you don’t believe in Jesus? 67% think so, which is 38 million Republicans, and 96 million Americans at large.

I have many friends who like to marginalize the Republicans, and undercut the importance that the fundamentalists have within their ranks. They love to say how people like this do not represent the majority viewpoint of America, and to a certain extent, they are right. But when you factor in the obstructionist tactics of the Repubs in both houses and combine that with the stifling propaganda from the Faux News Network, you start to see the problems that we are dealing with. This minority viewpoint claims themselves as the moral majoirty, and make no mistake, they are out to win by any means nessisary. This included dismantling the wall of seperation of church and state (created by founding father Thomas Jefferson) but thinking their secular republic is a christian nation by design from these founding fathers. They’ll even fully indoctrinate their kids to achieve these ends.

Don’t believe me? These people are real, and they’re really out there to get your kids.

Ok, for this game, I used the results from the 2008 election as a general representation, which CNN reports as 65,182,692 for Obama, and 57,212,032, for a total of 122,394,724 voters. There are 308,623,369 people in the states, and though I know it’s not statistically valid to do so, (and I’m a blogger, not a statistician, so feck off),but I scaled these results up for the General Population as well, just to see what proportion of Americans would believe it in numbers.  I know the general population includes prisoners and children, but I’d be willing to bet that, on average, the children’s beliefs reflect those of their parents more often than not.


~ by Andrew on February 5, 2010.

One Response to “The Stupid is Powerful”

  1. We need to work on getting ourselves a TARDIS. Stat. I don’t know how much longer I can live next to this insanity. I’m actually terrified by this poll right now.

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