Hard (on) Drugs?

The Harper government is incredibly fond of posturing on its “hard” stance on drugs. To wit- they are against the controversial, but successful safe injection site in Vancouver, and they introduced  Bill C-26, which increases mandatory minimum sentencing for drugs such as marijuana. The ethics of these measures are beyond this particular blog post, but it has been a pretty consistent point with Harper and his cronies that they are hard on drugs, and correspondingly hard on crime..

Flash to this week, when a former conservative MP, one Mr Rahim Jaffer was pulled over for some speeding. On further questioning he admitted he had drank some beer, blew the brethalizer, and was promptly arrested for drunk driving. But the plot thickens when we find out that Mr Jaffer was packing some cocaine in his wallet (!!!). Since nobody is above the law, the full effect of the conservatives hard on drugs policy was ignored, and he was released with a speeding ticket.

UPDATE: IT turns out there was more to this story. Jaffer was on the way to a meeting with ‘Busty Hookers’, while using a government Blackberry to send email from his House address, and has been asked by the Conservatives to remove their logo from his website. SERIOUSLY

(HT Macleans)

Look, I’m not naive here, calling the Conservative party a bunch of two faced hypocrites goes without saying these days. But seriously- not even drunk driving charges? The least that should happen here is Jaffer spending time in jail, cause we spend about 1.75 billion (35,000 drug related arrests/year and an estimated cost of 50,000 dollars/year to keep drug offenders in prison) every damn year, because of laws which Mr Jaffer himself no doubt supported during his tenure in parliament.

When the liberal party had problems within their rank and file, to their credit, they called for the Gomery report, which definitely led to their loss of power. When Harper’s party has problems with the rank and file, they bend the judicial system and ignore the laws which they themselves report, letting the drunk-driving cocaine fiend off with a slap on the wrist.

To Mr. Harper:  this inconsistency and blatant disregard for our democratic institutions, like you know, parliament, the geneva convention and the justice department, is going to cost you the next election. It couldn’t happen to someone more deserving, either.


~ by Andrew on March 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Hard (on) Drugs?”

  1. Right on Koms.

    But when did Harper violate the geneva convention?

    • Well, last I checked, the Geneva convention has some restrictions on the use of torture, including handing off prisoners to external authorities with the foreknowledge that they will be tortured. I’m pretty sure the Harper government was aware of the situation going on in the Afghan torture scandal , and he has since continually refused to discuss the issue in parliament, despite explicit opposition calls for discussion. That’s all.

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