Get On With It!!

Little Barty Stupak’s fifteen minutes are over. Turns out that Democratic Representative Stupak, the asshole representative from Michigan is wrong about the facts of federal  abortion funding in the impending Healthcare Bill. The bill, due to be passed by a simple majority despite Rep. Stupak’s objections and threats of Democrat cohorts voting against it. Nancy Pelosi, the current speaker of the house, says two things about the matter:

1. Rep Stupack is damn wrong on the matter- there simply is no federal funding for abortion in the bill.

2. It wouldn’t even matter if he objects.

Rachel Maddow has the scoop

Ok, Mr Stupak, you’ve beat your chest enough. You’re wrong, you’re obnoxious, and you’re insignificant anyway. Now sit down, shut up, and GET ON WITH IT.


~ by Andrew on March 12, 2010.

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