Prose Encounters with Some Vintage

About a year ago, one bored and apathetic 20-something student decided that his current e-habits weren’t enough of a drain on his productive work. So, on the goading of a good friend of his, he decided to start a blog that became Prose Encounters of the Nerd Kind!

So, in the nostalgic vein of arbitrary benchmarks, I’m taking this oppertunity to look back and highlight some ‘work’ that I’ve done over the year that is notable or something.

My Virgin Post– in which I determine that the purpose of the blog is none! Fitting in this vein of completely pointless discussion, I chronicle my first experience with Post-Irony. That particular bout of post irony was prompted by my trenchcoat, which was also the genesis of my missed connection, which you can read all about.

A theme that I’ve continued to this day was blogging about student politics here at McGill (full disclosure, I’m the current president of my Departmental association) really started with this post, which also got published in the daily (our local love-it-and-hate-it student newspaper).

I guess the blog started being “noticed” by people outside of my immediate friend-o-sphere with a post I made about my TI-83 Calculator, which I wrote originally for the Plumbers Faucet- inarguably the best and funniest campus paper, but this one is notable cause it was featured in a carnival of the blogs about nerdy stuff! Other awesome articles that were published in the Faucet were my articles on FarmVille (which still gets lots of hits off of google), in which I fiendishly uncover the secret plot of Anarco-faschist hippie communists; my  Modest Proposal, in which I try to inject a needed vein of absurdism into our student political sphere; and one of my favorite articles I’ve written: Why Twilight is Terrible.

The twilight article was so good, in fact, that a modified version of it was picked up on the Paliban Daily, continuing my tenure on that site as a guest writer! Other pieces they’ve liked that I’ve authored are: Correlation, not Causation, Was Jesus Christ Gay? and my latest one, No Lesbians Allowed at Rural Prom.

Some of you may have noticed that I write lots and lots in defense of gay rights, and this is just a natural extension of my Humanist stance on life. For the record, though, not that it matters, I’m not gay, and my girlfriend Amy-Jean can attest to this. Any group receiving injustice in this day an age is inexcusable, so I have used my little blog here as a soapbox for gay rights again, and again, and again, and again, and again. In my experience, this hatred and fear of these people who just want to love comes from religious folk, so I’ll take this opportunity to show my feelings at a convenient and iconic symbol that has historically been less than friendly towards the gays:

For the Gays!

Disclaimer: If you were offended by that photo, sorry. The finger is only directed towards religious people who hate the gays, and well, with a billion Catholics, they are a convenient and obvious symbol. I don’t hate any catholics, but I do hate their, and all religious people’s intolerance towards any minority group.

So, if you can’t tell, I’m a passionate guy, so if you’d like, you can see me wax all poetical, commemorating the 40th anniversary of our landing on the moon, in my classic nerdy way. Keeping on my NASA kick, check out my post that made it onto the FRONT PAGE OF WORDPRESS.

Ok, so all that’s pretty cool, in my obviously biased opinion. I have no intentions of discontinuing my bloggin’ ways, so look forward to much more unapologetically irreverent ways. Oh, and since I realize that I don’t actually have any photos of meself on the blog, here’s one to tide you over:

At cafe Pi

Taken at Cafe Pi by Amy-Jean. Mmmm, Pi.


~ by Andrew on March 16, 2010.

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  1. the day you beat me astoundingly at chess.

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