Act Local, Think Global

Today is the day we celebrate Earth Hour, the event that started in 2007  by the WWF, as a simple way to raise the awareness of humanity about their real impact on the environment. At 8:30 local time, across the world, people are invited to turn off their lights and electronics and do something else for the time.

In the modern, highly connected world, it is easy to forget the unpayable debt that we owe to our jewel of a planet. The internet has abstracted the physical nature of Earth, and as a result, we are increasingly spending our days in a virtual bubble, independent from the reality of our planet.

Pale Blue DotThis is a new development in our species, the ability to live out our lives completely while never knowing the environmental cause and effect. We ignore the nature of our industrialized food industry, we rape the environment to sate our gluttonous need for fossil fuels, and we pump all those billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere all day, every day, changing our climate and impacting our children’s future for the worse because of our stubborn unwillingness to do something about it.

Earth Hour is an opportunity to acknowledge the ugly reality of our modern society by acting in direct defiance of it.  In solidarity with an estimated billion of my fellow earthlings, I will be respecting the hour by turning off my electrical appliances, and using the hour for some green activities. Personally, I’ll be hiking up Montreal’s Mount Royal with my telescope to see the effects of the hour firsthand. If you’re in town and you read this, you’re welcome to join me up on the observation deck, but if not, I’ll be taking photos.

Despite our constant denial of such, the balance on our little slice of paradise is very precarious. The actions taken by the denizens of the pale blue dot now, more than ever, are capable of tipping that balance. Let us make sure we tip it in the right direction.


~ by Andrew on March 27, 2010.

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