America: Unbelievably Stupid?

One out of every five Americans you’ll meet today thinks that Barack Obama is a Muslim, according to a recent poll. 20%, or 55 million “patriots” have demonstrated they lack even the most basic critical thinking skills.


Two things immediately come to mind: 1. Barack Obama is obviously a self professed, practicing Christian. He even says so himself, here in an interview with professional liar Franklin Graham.

Jesus is the only way for me. I’m not in a position to judge other people

Secondly. WHY THE HELL SHOULD IT MATTER WHAT FRICKEN RELIGION THE GUY IS ANYWAY? These obvious facts aside, it’s clear to anyone who’s been following the recent outbreak of anti-islamic bigotry that the blame can be placed firmly at the feet of Faux News corporation. From the same poll, 60% of respondants cite the source of this misinformation “from the media”.

Faux News has been seeding these dangerous lies for years. Worse, the political actors that stand most to benefit from Fox spewing all manner of racism, lies and bigotry are in bed with the corporation. Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, both prominent republicans, are on Fox’s payroll. Fox also provides a space for delusional crackpots like Sharron Angle to freely spew lies unchallenged, while running away from the rest of the media. At her own press conference.

This incestuous relationship between Fox News and the Republicans was made official last week, when Fox News gave them a million bucks in tax breaks. Fair and Balanced indeed. Complete lack of journalistic integrity aside, this circle-jerk relationship deeply troubles me. The line between the media and your elected representatives is being intentionally blurred, with the media is busy delegitimizing the freaking president and every democrat, inciting hatred towards minorities and offering free commercial time for the Repubs 24/7. About 20% of the population has already been duped into complacency against their best interest.

The Supreme Court has paved the way for unlimited corporate donations into politics (YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!). Fox has already taken advantage of this, and I fear it is only a matter of time before your entire ‘democratic’ system is brought to you by Fox News.


~ by Andrew on August 20, 2010.

7 Responses to “America: Unbelievably Stupid?”

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  2. […] know, the Eid is a period of celebration in which the faithful break their month-long fast. But for the 1 in 5 Americans that are breathtakingly stupid, this coincidence is very likely to be misinterpreted.All it takes is a lone gunmen, much like the […]

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  4. America is a very stupid country. Most people here can’t seem to figure out that it doesn’t matter who you vote for or IF you vote because all the choices are completely controlled by the billionaires that pull the strings on both hardly dissimilar parties. Where’s the party for the average non-wealthy American? I hear crickets chirping. Where’s the party that will give us single payer health care? End the wars for energy resource dominance? Indict the war criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice for authorizing torture and for starting a war of aggression? Actually stand up to the Israeli government? Give basic civil rights to gay folks? Legalize whatever adults want to smoke in the privacy of their own homes? Turn the C.I.A. into strictly an intelligence analyzing organ instead of maintaining it as a covert operations terrorist group that acts in the interests of big businesses? Start paring down the number of comically redundant intelligence agencies in the U.S., now up to the total of sixteen if not more since I last checked? Abolish the Patriot Act? Abolish the Dept. of Fatherland Security? Give us a minimum wage that actually corresponds to the cost of living instead of being an insult to every working person? Give employees the right to easily unionize with the E.F.C.A.? Neither party, or I should say more accurately neither nearly-identical wing of the Big Business Billionaires’ Party, is willing to do any of this. Voting in this country is such a waste of time and so artificial that it makes professional wrestling look authentic. Smart Americans save their money and move out of this cesspool of ignorance and boorishness to a more intelligent, more sane country.

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  6. Ordinarily I would refute (not “refudiate” *shudder*) that both sides of the aisle in United States legislation are nearly-identical, since the fundamental philosophies that are promoted are so diametrically opposed, but the past year has rendered me unable to even fight that one party is any better than the other…
    The Citizens United ruling, the shady back-handed money passed to PACs trying to get their party in office, the shriveling of the balls of the Democrats and pandering to the least insane of the Repubs to try and get anything done (thus alienating their strongest supporters while still not getting anything done recently)…they both have had sketchy motivations, Repubs have been taken over by the stupidest roosters who crow the loudest, Dems have had absolutely zero balls to stand up to being bullied, and the people who could have kept the most truly insane crackpots out of office were too apathetic and disinterested after the last congressional sessions to get out and vote. The Obama administration really did get a lot done in the first 18 months or so (despite how pathetically non-publicized it is), but it’s progressively slowed down and come to a near-halt in the race up to the last election. I’m disappointed in everyone here.

  7. […] Americans, distorts their understanding of the issues and leads to shameful polls indicating that 1 in 5 Americans incorrectly identify the religion of the sitting president.  In fact, there are strong pluralities of Americans who wouldn’t mind raising taxes for […]

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