A Tea-Party with Jayne

The man they call "Jayne"I love the power of the internet and its ability to bring people together, or drive them apart. Take twitter, for example. My account has already given me the opportunity to meet one of my heroes, Lavar burton. Yesterday, it afforded me an interesting conversation with another celebrity, Adam Baldwin, who is probably best known for his uncompromisingly badass portrayal of Jayne Cobb from the much loved Firefly series. IRL, Adam Baldwin is an extremely conservative fellow who is an active twitter user (he goes by the name of  @adamsbaldwin) and yesterday, he and I had a little conversation.

Interestingly enough, Mr Baldwin has since deleted his side of the conversation, which was very fair and balanced of him, but in thanks to the magic of the internet, I’ve saved as much as the conversation as I could. Some of his tweets were deleted before I could catch them on my iPhone, but I’ve provided you with all the links (from my internet history). This is how it began:

@adamsbaldwin If social justice=communism, than true the vote= facism. At least lefties don’t stomp on the heads of women.

This head stomping is referencing this event.

For the record, I don’t care who you are or what you represent, stomping on the head of a defenseless person, even if she allegedly did something you didn’t like or do not agree with,  is categorically wrong. I wish I didn’t have to make that clear in this day and age, but apparantly this fact escaped Mr Baldwin. I did strike a nerve with him, as he fired back this eloquently worded response:

These “facts” he was referring to were found here and here, but that relevant tweet were deleted before I realized I needed to save it as evidence. Both links were from Andrew Breitbart, a notorious liar and con-man who specializes in taking video out of context to score cheap political points. Adam also sent me this

The “evidence” he supplied equating social justice with communism was from this website, which is an excerpt from a longer book found here. Interestingly enough, another conservative twitter user, OneTruthHunter following this little exchange, and contributed that book link, but he has also deleted his tweet.

This whole thing was getting a bit silly, with Mr Baldwin bringing up known liars to support his cause, so I replied again:

@adamsbaldwin with respect, I also like life, liberty and property, and I disagree that social justice stands in opposition to these goals.

@adamsbaldwin after the Sherrod debacle, I stopped looking at Mr. Breitbart as a credible source. I prefer my news in context.

For reference to the Sherrod debacle, look no further to this glorious coverage by Rachel Maddow, who is, unlike fox, actually fair and balanced.

Adam fired back a tweet at me accusing me not using logic, which was unfortunately lost to his delete key before I could save it. I was definitely hitting a nerve with him though, as our next little exchange went as follows

@adamsbaldwin I enjoy facts. Fact. Breitbart misleadingly edited video and released it. How is it illogical to conclude he is a liar?

@adamsbaldwin because of risk aversive thinking in a polarized media climate. They overreacted w/o all evidence and that was wrong.

@adamsbaldwin Breitbart and fox are responsible for contributing to said polarized climate, but it isn’t just the right that is responsible

I should point out that that polarized media climate is mostly the fault of faux news, but I was attempting to ‘reach across the aisle’.  He responded

Brave words for a man who has since deleted all the evidence for his interaction with a blogger, but I digress. It was at this point that I realized that, despite his celebrity status and my great respect for his work, Mr Baldwin was in fact, trolling. As we all know, the first rule of teh inturtoobz is DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. It was obvious at this point that we were talking past each other, but I couldn’t resist one last reply to Mr Baldwin.

@adamsbaldwin I find racial discrimination abhorrent both from the right and the left. I’d rather work together to end it.

His last reply to me, where I guess he declared victory over me, TEH LIBRUL before bravely deleting all the evidence was

For the record, I still have much respect for Mr Baldwin, and I’m pleased that he was willing to have an actual conversation with one of his fans with a different opinion. However, it’s well known that reality has a distinctly liberal bias, and Mr Baldwin is one the wrong side of social justice. History will bear this fact out. As for his deletion of his side of the conversation, I’m reminded of one thing.



~ by Andrew on November 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “A Tea-Party with Jayne”

  1. Are you sure that was really Adam Baldwin? I checked out the account and it seems incredibly political with little reference to his acting career. It could be him, but there are way more fake celebrity accounts than celebrities

    • His account is verified, and he has 45,000 followers at last check. If it’s not the real him, it’s still some internet guy that has 45,000 followers, which is also an internet celebrity of sorts.

  2. I completly agree with your side of the arguement, but taking shots at his spelling and stuff was pretty stupid given that you were talking to him on 140character limit twitter. Of course he typed “u” instead of you and stuff like that.
    “y d’u” compared to why did you. 140 is not alot of characters.

  3. I’ve followed him too for a while. At first I assumed his anti-government tweets/links were coming from a leftist point of view, then it appeared that maybe I was wrong, and just held a rose-tinted view of him because a lot of Whedonite ARE that way inclined. Today’s research (incl. this blog) has confirmed that he is a Tea Party members. But, to his credit, when he asked “Browncoats” if Mal Reynolds would have been a member of the Tea Party and I replied “@adamsbaldwin Mal wouldn’t be in the Tea Party coz he’s not a bigoted, self-important, gay-bashing cunt. As far as I’m aware. #Firefly” he replied, very civilly, “@vezlovesbrum Ur projection is noted” (Can’t copy + paste tweets coz he has now deleted them… surprise surprise). But he’s now having a full on argument with a lot of Firefly fans, basically using the TV show to defend conservativism + Christianity… hmmmmmm

  4. PS. I’ve added you oh my blogroll coz you seem like a cool guy with a lot of values in common with mine. Plus sci-fi = ♥

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