Idiocracy and Elections

Well, America, congratulations. You folded to haters, bigots and liars in the pocket of corporations, and allowed those unlimited foreign campaign donations to influence your elections.  I warned you it would happen, but no matter. Your house is now controlled by republicans, led by a former lobbyist who literally handed out checks for big tobacco on the house floor. Its safe to say the next two years will be a shit show, with the republicans only goal to make Obama a 1 term president, or provide tax ‘relief’ to the hyper-rich. For the record, this is what the republicans will do to your debt:

Just remember, your countrymen VOTED FOR THE RED PART! Morons.

Anyway, this has given me a chance to reflect on the Canadian electoral system. My favorite thing about our system when compared to yours? The accountability. Every cent spent on electoral purposes must have a name and address attached to it, and there is an enforced maximum cap involved. For the record, America, this election proves that Citizens United allows corporations, billionaires and foreign governments to pour unlimited funds to influence elections without as much as a name to accompany those millions of dollars. Canadian elections have budgets, where up to 60% of all expenditures (generally around 20 mil for the whole country per major party) are reimbursed by taxpayers. Translation: Canadian citizens pay for our elections through our tax dollars and our personal donations, which allows the people to choose their government.


Admittedly, our own choices are pretty crap (hello, Stephen Harper!), but at least they are OUR choices. As for you, America, I think you might start investigating a name change. How does “The Corporate Serfdom of America” sound? That’s certainly what it looks like from up here.





~ by Andrew on November 4, 2010.

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